Sunday, October 30, 2005

Today In India we have 17 news channels (including new channel from y'day called 'Tez' from TV Today) and 55,780 daily news papers. are we expect to being flooded with news and information?? or these news channels and news papers are delivering stuffed information (wanted, unwanted) to the consumers.

After the entry of satellite channels in early 90's (1992) with zee, then came star, sony, and TV today, NDTV and many more,I heard that even Times group is planning to come out with one more news channel (early 2006) and Star is planning to come with one Business News ChannelEnglish news channel.
(like CNBC, Profit. Awwaaz, Zee business) and one 24hrs

My point is, what is the content that these channels are delivering? some small news becomes breaking news for these channels, then they start blaming typically govt in most of the disasters like today we saw breaking news of 'Sadar' building in Mumbai and 2 week back when some manipuri gal being assassinated by some ill minded person, it becomes govt's fault and mumbaikar's are in deep trouble as far asa safety is concern, and we force to watch entire hr of news on big wall and every other detail of that story which is not of importance to us.

Even questions asked by news readers/site reporters are so poor when some small kid is bitten by dog :o. or kitne like Kya Manzar hai udar?afra tafar hai udar? kaisa nazara hai? man... so irritating I have even hread, one news reporter is asking same question to two passengers in same taxi on lower parel flyover - aap idar kitine der se fase ho (on July 26) how the hell other passenger sitting in same taxi could caught more hrs than taxi driver in the traffic jam??

Every channel is trying to fill one hour of their news time and that's why we forced to watch these unwanted news and to listen detail description of that news.

channel is opting for casting couch, hidden camera by which they can deliver some thing happening, sensational of course there are some positive outcomes and negative as well. But we never saw follow up to such cases, because by that time some new 'breaking news' in on air.

I am sure many of our group members must be sharing same opinion like me, I just would like to ask following questions..

Are these channels are going to last in the long run?
or region wise channels like Sahara's (NCR and Mumbai) will become more successful?
or they have to shut down their business?
else ,
if these channels become successful do we expect to get proper reporting from these reporters?
will this give idea to junta for more hidden camera or MMS rackets?
Are we really getting from these news channels what we want?? or we
are watching just which comes in front of us?